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Make your financial resources go farther.

We offer complete medical management at costs far below that of Skilled Nursing Homes. 


  • Family founded and owned for 50 years

  • a Residential, Long Term Care Home

  • a Level IV Rest Home

  • Licensed by the Commonwealth of MA Deptartment of Public Health

Click and scroll through our website for a glimpse of what makes Brookhaven special. Come for a visit to see for yourself what makes Brookhaven special.

We are located in the beautiful central   Massachusetts town of West Brookfield, which offers lovely tree-lined streets perfect for walking.
Our staff is hard working and caring. Our residents become family.  Their family becomes part of our family. Together we give our residents the tender loving care they deserve.

A beautiful gazebo and large grounds are ideal for sitting, reading and visiting.

Compassion and Integrity

Brookhaven Assisted Care 


Live comfortably in a  safe, happy, healthy environment !

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What Makes Brookhaven Special?

But really what makes us special are the people who live at Brookhaven and their families.

Churches, stores, restaurants, library, banks, and the senior center are nearby. Our town is a town that offers great support to seniors. Local doctors and VNAs  offer services that allow elders to be as independent as they can be in a home setting like Brookhaven.
Our rooms are beautiful. We keep our home immaculate, and our rooms bright and cheerful.
Brookhaven offers a variety of services that make it possible for many seniors to continue to live in a homelike setting.  Often times a senior's care needs can be met at Brookhaven while allowing a senior to be as independent as possible avoiding the need for admission to a Nursing Home.  Medical and day-to-day care needs are coordinated by an RN. The resident and their family are still involved with making decisions regarding care and day-to-day medical management.  However the worry and many challenges of providing 24 hour care is alleviated.

Brookhaven Assisted Care offers a warm, homelike environment with a “bed and breakfast” feeling while providing quality care to our residents.
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