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Brookhaven Assisted Care 


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An afternoon sing-along.....

Pastor Ken "rocks" the house!

  " See you at Brookhaven!"

A sense of pride in colorful creations

Even winter is a season for smiles at Brookhaven.

Spring is coming!

Taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine!

Two proud Vets sending the message  "Remember our Veterans"

Enjoying a cookout and a parade


Mealtime brings us all together.

Lining up for a foliage train ride along the Connecticut River

Donna leads an exercise class.

Nancy O celebrates a birthday!

A typical afternoon get-together

Bob gives the flowers a drink.

"I'm waiting for my friends!"

Main Street - a lovely place for a stroll

Front of Brookhaven

Side view of Brookhaven

Our gazebo in the front yard

Visitors are always welcome. 

Come for a tour. Call Nancy @ 508-612-7525

Residential Care Awareness Day in Boston

 This is Jack, our little bird buddy!

He sings to us all day long. Right now Jack wants a cracker.

Dr. Wilson consults with Bella about good medicine.....and good doggie therapy.

Nancy O is not the only one that knows how to wear a hat!

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